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Diamond shapes of extraordinary beauty

Names of diamond shapes

Diamonds come in a fabulous array of shapes. The name of the shape is sometimes a clear indication of the shape it represents. For instance, as in the case of round or oval diamonds. In other cases, the naming is far less obvious.

  • The princess cut diamond is one such example. This particular cut of diamond features a square face-up profile and a side view of an inverted pyramid.
  • The cushion cut diamond is another example. The shape of this diamond is a mix of round and square outlines. The charm of this shape is its antique look. It is often set with a halo of diamonds. In terms of popularity, it more popular in the US than the British market.
cushion diamond shape
  • Another less obvious name is the marquise. The shape of the marquise cut is an elongated version of the oval diamond with two points at either end. Of all the shapes, the marquise cut diamond has the most dramatic look.

Diamond shape vs Value

When it comes to value, it really boils down to the popularity of the shape. In effect the more popular the diamond shape, the more valuable it is. The most obvious popular shape is the round brilliant cut diamond. This shape does indeed have the highest price per carat.

The next group is the semi-round diamonds. This group includes:

Most of the semi-round diamonds fetch from 30% to 60% lower compared to round diamonds with the same charactertistics.

The third group of diamond shapes is the squares. These include:

Squares tend to yield a higher polished diamond from the rough. Because of this, squares have the potential of offering the best value for their carat.

Regardless of the shape, one thing is perfectly clear: All diamond shapes are beautiful.

Having linked diamond shapes to monetary value, it’s important to highlight that when it comes to purchasing a diamond, monetary value is a secondary matter. The purchase of a diamond and diamond jewellery is ultimately an emotional matter. Go with your heart feeling and you are sure to never regret the decision. Purchasing your favourite diamond shape is of utmost importance.

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