April birthstone - diamond

April birthstone: The Diamond

If your birth month is April, you have the fortune of having the most sought after of all birthstones. The April birthstone is indeed the highly desired diamond

The significance of birthstones

Birthstones represent a connection to the birth month. For this reason they often make an ideal birthday gift.

In the past, people believed that birthstones possess magical energies. For this reason, they were used as protection. Nowadays, birthstones are given as good fortune on many special occasions. They are loved because of their beautiful colours. This makes them ideal to wear as jewellery, such as birthstone ringsnecklaces and earrings. As such they give a special and sometimes romantic meaning to those wearing it.

Key facts of the April birthstone

The diamond symbolises purity, eternal love and faith. Because of these meaning, they are strongly connected to wedding engagements.

In addition to sheer beauty and mystique, the diamond possesses unique physical properties:

  • Toughness: The diamond is indeed the hardest of all gemstones. This important property could be the cause for the popular saying “diamonds are forever“. Given the tough nature of this gem, it is perfect to wear in everyday jewellery, as well as for special occasions.
  • Purity: The diamond originates from only one element: carbon. It is truly amazing how the forces of nature can turn pure carbon into a beautiful diamond.
  • Light dispersion: The diamond is the only gemstone that can split the light that falls on it into the colours of the rainbow. This property is what gives the diamond the sparkle that we all love.
  • The diamond is also a very good conductor of heat but a poor conductor of electricity.

Although we are mostly familiar with white (colourless) diamonds, diamonds come in various colours. Yellow, pink and blue are some of the most desired fancy colour diamonds. The intensity of the colour determines the value of the diamond. Namely, the higher the intensity, the higher the price. This is because diamonds that have intense colour are more rare and therefore more valuable.

Diamond history

Diamonds have been admired and sought after by mankind for centuries. Ancient civilisations believed that diamonds were splinters of stars that fell to earth. Because of this, both men and women have adorned it for its healing properties, as well as for its mystical and aesthetic properties. 

Historians believe that diamond trading took place as early as 4 BC. It became a popular gemstone in India, where it was easily mined from deposits along major rivers.

Till today the diamond remains known as the symbol of romance and enduring love. For this reason, the diamond is often used to adorn engagement rings.

If you are getting engaged or simply want to treat yourself to a beautiful gift that can be worn and treasured for a lifetime, the diamond is the perfect choice.

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