celebrity engagement ring

Celebrity engagement rings

As with other retail markets, celebrity engagement rings set a trend and have an impact on the jewellery market. With every celebrity engagement announcement, we want to get the details of the engagement ring. 

The royal engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle in 2017 is a clear example of the impact that celebrity engagement rings have on trends. Prince Harry proposed with a classic three stone engagement ring set in a yellow gold band. Following this announcement, diamond jewellers across the UK saw a rise in the popularity of trilogy diamond rings.

We experienced the same trend with cluster engagement rings when his elder brother Prince William proposed to the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William chose to propose with his late mother’s fabulous sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Our fascination with celebrity engagement rings doesn’t stop at royalty. We’re equally keen to follow Hollywood stars and their choice of engagement rings. Some of the more outrageous celebrity engagement rings include:

Beyoncé‘s ring from husband Jay-Z featuring a whopping 18 ct flawless diamond set in a platinum band.

Kim Kardashian‘s 15 ct emerald cut diamond engagement ring, shown in the left image below.

Finally, but not least, we are amazed at all of Victoria Beckham‘s engagement rings, as well as with the regularity that they are updated. Posh Spice, as she was known in the days of Spice Girls, was proposed with a marquise shape diamond engagement. Over her marriage years, the star updated her engagement ring over 14 times. 

Celebrities and big engagement rings are definitely not a recent trend. For instance, the elegant Grace Kelly received a Cartier eternity band of rubies and diamond from her fiancé Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The engagement ring was accepted very well. However when Prince Rainier flew to Los Angeles, he found that Hollywood’s married women proudly wore larger than life diamond rings. As a result, Kelly received a second engagement ring. This time it was a 12 ct emerald cut diamond with two baguettes on the sides. 

The buzz surrounding celebrity engagement rings continued when Elizabeth Taylor got engaged to film producer Michael Todd in 1956. She proudly wore a 29.4 ct emerald cut diamond ring. The stone was so huge that Taylor referred to it as “my ice skating rink”.

Marilyn Monroe, another Hollywood superstar, received a platinum eternity band boasting 36 baguettes. This one ring doubled as her engagement ring, as well as her wedding band.

Another superstar oozing grace, style and femininity is Audrey Hepburn. She received an eternity band of baguette diamonds along with two wedding bands in rose and white gold. Hepburn regularly wore one ring at a time, depending on her outfit and the occasion.

Jackie Kennedy‘s engagement ring featured a 2.84 ct emerald paired with an equally size diamond, accented by tapered baguettes. Kennedy later had her ring redesigned, replacing the baguettes with marquise and round diamonds.

The history and buzz surrounding celebrity engagement rings have certainly shaped this timeless piece of jewellery. If you’re about to embark on purchasing the engagement ring of your dreams, the advice is to go with your emotions. Whatever the style you decide on, the longer you wear it, the stronger the ties you’ll have to this symbol, which represents so much history and years of happiness and love yet to come.

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