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Choosing the diamond engagement ring together

Have you recently got engaged and are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring? Choosing the engagement ring together is the ultimate romantic thing to do as a newly engaged couple.

Interestingly, a survey done on UK couples by WeddingSite in January 2013 indicated that 40% of engagement proposals happened without an engagement ring. The reasons for this could be many. 

Surprise engagement proposal

For many couples, the engagement proposal comes as a total surprise. However a surprise proposal does not necessarily mean a surprise engagement ring. Many partners stop short of surprising their other half with the engagement ring. After all, choosing the engagement ring together is all part of the excitement and romance.

In some cases a token ring is presented in place of the diamond engagement ring. A token ring is usually an inexpensive ring given as a symbol of intent. This ring is usually worn on the engagement ring finger (fourth finger) until the engagement ring is purchased.

When the engagement is a joint decision

For some couples getting engaged is a joint decision. Hence the choice of the diamond ring is a joyful moment planned and executed together. 

When choosing the engagement ring together, sometimes the woman narrows down the ring choice to a few options. In other cases, the woman chooses the setting of the ring while the man chooses the diamond. This way, he maintains control of the budget while letting her choose the ring of her dreams.

Advantages of choosing the engagement ring together

There are also people that simply do not like to be surprised. This is even more so when it comes to a symbol they want to wear for the rest of their life. They reason that if they are wearing the engagement ring, then they prefer to pick it.

Engagement proposal

Being present to choose your  engagement ring does not only mean choosing the diamond shape, the ring style and the precious metal that you want. It also means that your finger size gets measured correctly.

Help with choosing the perfect engagement ring

Whether you are shopping for a surprise engagement ring or choosing your ring together, shopping online provides you the best value for money. We have an extensive collection of competitively priced engagement rings in a variety of styles and settings to suit different tastes. Because we are an online company, we can be very price competitive compared to high street jewellers. Once you have decided on the style and the diamonds, it only takes a few easy steps to place the order through our professional website.

If you prefer, you can also visit us at our premises to view your favourite engagement ring styles. Our expert advice is also available via email or on 0845 548 9858 to help you make the best choice.

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