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Engagement ring styles: Find the one for you

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is an exciting experience. The choice in ring designs is abundant. Start by picking your favourite engagement ring style. Choosing the right style is very important. Style is a direct reflection of the personality of the person wearing the ring.

A short guide on the most popular engagement ring styles

Solitaire engagement rings

This engagement ring style features a ring with a single diamond. This style is very popular due to its simplicity. The overall look is uncomplicated and the focus of this style is on the diamond itself. The solitaire is a classic and safe choice that has stood the test of time. One of the main advantages of this style is that it can be set with any shape diamond of any size.

Engagement rings with side stones

This style appeals more to women that prefer a little bit more bling on their ring. This type of engagement ring has a central diamond with a line of smaller diamonds set on the shoulders of the band. The resulting look is more sparkly and therefore less understated than the solitaire. However it is still a refined look and a classic choice.

The additional small side stones do not necessarily have a significant impact on the overall cost of the engagement ring. However, we all have a budget to stick to. One way of keeping the cost of the ring down is to compromise on having the smaller diamonds set half way down the ring, instead of all the way round. Alternatively, you can choose a solitaire engagement ring and upgrade the look a few years down the line by adding the side diamonds. This option would be a great way to mark a special future occasion in your life.

Three stone engagement rings

The three stone engagement ring is yet another popular engagement ring style. It is also known as trilogy of diamonds. Traditionally, the central diamond is slightly larger than the two side diamonds. This style is thus referred to as graduated trilogy of diamonds. However it is fairly usual to have the three diamonds equal in size.

There is a symbolic significance associated with the three stone engagement ring. The three diamonds represent the couple’s past, present and future together.  It is thus a romantic choice, as well as a traditional one.

Practically speaking, you get more diamond look for your money with this style. The reason for this is that three diamonds totalling a carat of 0.60 cost less than a single diamond of 0.60 carat of the same diamond colour and clarity.

Cluster engagement rings

This style features a centre diamond surrounded by a number of round  diamonds. Because of the style, the central diamond is normally a round brilliant cut or an oval cut diamond. The round diamonds encircling the central stone are typically smaller than main diamond. The resulting look is an antique one and one which is very popular with fans of the vintage style.

Diamond halo engagement rings

This is an alternative vintage style with a modern twist. It is has a central diamond surrounded by a halo of small round diamonds. The setting used for the surround diamonds is typically pavé. The halo has the effect of maximising the diamond look of the ring. In terms of style, the halo is a cross between the classic solitaire diamond ring and the traditional cluster engagement ring. As far as trends go, the halo engagement ring is currently very popular.

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