Finishes for men’s wedding rings

Prior to making your very important wedding band purchase, find out more about the different finishes for men’s wedding rings. The finishes can be applied to the surface of the band, irrespective of the precious metal you choose.

polished finishes for men's wedding rings, gold wedding rings,
Polished or Satin finish

polished ring finish has a very high shine surface. It is achieved with the use of polishing brushes and emery abrasive powder. This particular finish is also known as satin finish.

The polished finish is the most common ring finish selected by women for their engagement rings and wedding bands.


brushed men's wedding ring, matt men's wedding band
Brushed or Matt finish

brushed or matt ring finish yields an equally smooth finish yet with a less shiny look. The brushed finish is obtained by wire brush polishing.

Due to it’s lack of shine, this finish is more often chosen by those looking for a wedding band with an understated look

The matt look is less commonly chosen for engagement rings and women’s wedding rings.


Both finishes for men’s wedding rings tarnish equally with wear. The finish of the wedding ring can be returned to its original state by polishing. Should you get tired of the finish that you initially choose for your wedding ring, it is possible to change it through the lifetime of your ring.

Both polished and brushed finishes can be applied to palladium wedding rings, white and gold wedding bands and platinum wedding rings

If you are looking for more unusual finishes, you can further personalise your wedding band with patterns and engraving messages. Call one of our friendly member of staff on 0845 548 9858 to assist you.

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