Get more out of your Diamond Engagement Ring with 5 simple tips  

The purchase of a diamond engagement ring is a significant jewellery purchase. Shopping for an engagement ring can be a very exciting time. Nevertheless picking the right ring can also be daunting.

Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of designs. Where does one start? To help you get more out of your diamond engagement ring, we’ve put together the following 5 simple tips.

Diamond engagement rings with a rub-over setting give the appearance of a larger diamond. The rub-over setting is a diamond setting technique that is in use for many years. In this classic setting, the circumference of the diamond is fully encased in precious metal. In other words, the metal acts like a frame for the diamond. 

Besides keeping the diamond very secure in its setting, the metal frame makes the diamond appear larger.

Diamond engagement rings with a rub-over setting can accommodate all shapes of diamonds. Popular designs include for instance the timeless round diamond and the princess cut diamond.

The three stone engagement ring and the cluster diamond engagement ring are two beautiful styles of engagement rings that provide more diamond look for the same cost of a single stone diamond engagement ring.

The cost of diamond per carat rises very sharply as the diamond gets larger. For a given diamond colour and clarity, a single diamond of 1.00ct costs significantly more than ten diamonds with a combined weight of 1.00ct. For this reason, a multi-stone engagement ring is a more affordable option. 

On top of this, the ten diamonds set in a cluster engagement ring provide greater coverage of the finger in diamonds than a single stone of the same carat.

Small side stones set on the shoulders of the ring add considerable bling to the look of your diamond engagement ring. The diamonds on the shoulders are typically set in a pavé or channel setting. Typically these diamond go only half way round the engagement ring.

Although the overall look of the ring is less understated, a diamond engagement ring with diamond set shoulders is still a classic and popular choice.

halo of small round diamonds set around the centre stone of an engagement ring boosts the main diamond. The diamond halo undoubtedly gives the engagement ring a stunningly vintage look.

Although quite a popular style with a round centre diamond, the halo of diamonds can be set with any shape of diamond. Take a look at our designs set with the princess cutoval shape and cushion cut diamonds.

Looking to get a competitive price on the diamond engagement ring of your dreams? Shop online. Online shopping can deliver huge savings on the purchase of a diamond engagement ring. In particular when compared to High Street jewellers. Shopping online also gives you the freedom of making your selection at your leisure without pressure from sales staff.

Buying your diamond engagement ring online from Congenial Diamonds is easy, safe and more affordable. Our exquisite collection of diamond engagement ring designs is available in 18ct White or Yellow Gold or in Platinum. Our online experience gives you the flexibility to customise each design. Select your preferred diamond carat, colour and clarity, as well as metal, with a few simple clicks.

And if you are keen to view your ring before you make your purchase, you can make an appointment at our showroom in Guildford. Our friendly and expert staff will be happy to assist you.

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