43.59ct fancy yellow Graff diamond ring

Graff diamond ring up for auction

A fabulous Graff diamond ring will go on sale in December. The ring features a mesmerising fancy intense yellow diamond. The estimated value of this superb diamond ring is between £900,000 and £1.4 million.

The lucky auction house in charge of this extraordinary sale is the Birmingham’s Fellows Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale.

A superb Graff creation

The diamond ring that will go on sale features an excellent quality fancy intense yellow diamond with a radiant cut. The yellow diamond weighs a whopping 43.59 carats. It sits between two white tapered diamonds. These white diamonds weigh a combined 1.62 carats.

This exquisite diamond ring is the creation of the world renowned Graff Diamonds. This London based multinational jewellery house designs, manufactures and retails some of the most fabulous gems in the world. Graff are famous for excellent quality yellow diamonds.

Excellent quality fancy intense yellow diamond

The yellow diamond is the centre piece of this exquisite diamond ring. Its fancy intense yellow hue makes it extremely rare. The term “fancy intense” refers to the intensity grade of the colour. “Fancy intense” is the second top grade for intensity in coloured diamonds.

As well as an amazing colour, the radiant cut yellow diamond has a VS2 (Very Small 2) clarity.

The combination of the fancy intense yellow colour and the large carat makes this diamond very desirable.

Unusual sale

The sale of this Graff diamond ring is unusual. Diamond rings with a value higher than £1 million usually go on sale in London. Christie’s and Sotheby’s would be the likely auction houses.

In this case, this valuable Graff diamond ring is going on sale in Birmingham on the 7th of December.

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