keep the sparkle in your diamond engagement ring

How to keep your diamond engagement ring sparkling

So you have been proposed to with the most fabulous diamond engagement ring. Congratulations!  From the very first moment you wore it on your finger, you have found it hard to tear your gaze away from the superb sparkle of this ultimate symbol of love. 

Diamonds have been an object of desire for centuries. Their mysterious and extraordinary beauty is unparalleled. Their sparkle is timeless and does not fade with time. It is indeed everlasting. 

With everyday wear, your diamond ring will not remain as shiny and sparkling as the first day you put it on. This is absolutely normal. However keeping the sparkle of your diamond engagement ring with every day wear need not be difficult. We have four simple tips that will keep your ring looking fantastic as you enjoy wearing it for many days, weeks and years to come.

Tip 1: Remove your diamond engagement ring when putting on handcream

Moisturising creams may work wonders for the beauty of your hands and skin. Unfortunately they do not have the same effect on the sparkle of your engagement ring. On the contrary, hand cream has a dulling effect on diamonds. Similarly to glass and mirrors, diamonds become easily smudged by greasy substances. The grease from the handcream takes away the sparkle and the shine from the diamond. It is therefore advisable to take off your diamond engagement ring before putting moisturising cream on your hands.

Tip 2: Wear your diamond engagement ring in a swimming pool

Do you love swimming? A dip or swim in a swimming pool can help keep your diamond engagement ring sparkling. The chlorine present in swimming pools acts as a cleaning agent. It eats into the dirt around the diamond and its setting.  

Having said this, if your diamond ring fits loose around your finger, it is not definitely advisable to go into a deep water pool wearing it. Running the risk of your beloved diamond engagement ring slipping off your finger is one scenario we undoubtedly want to avoid.

Tip 3: Invest in an ultrasonic cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is an excellent piece of equipment to invest in. It can clean your diamond jewellery with very little effort. The cleaner consists of a bath-like container which is filled with a solvent. This solution is typically warm water mixed with a cleaning agent. The mechanism of the cleaner makes the solution in the bath vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies.  

To restore the shine and brilliance of your diamond simply place your ring in the cleaner and leave it to soak in the solvent for some minutes. The ultrasonic vibrations remove the encrusted dirt that builds around your diamond over time with use.  Domestic ultrasonic cleaners are widely available from many household stores. 

Tip 4: Have your diamond ring professionally cleaned

Every couple of years it is worthwhile taking your diamond engagement ring to a jeweller, perhaps the same jeweller where the ring was purchased, to have it professionally cleaned and serviced. In addition to restoring the sparkle in your diamond ring, a professional clean will typically include the polishing of the metal of the ring. This polishing removes any scuffs and scratches present on the band. As part of this general service, the jeweller will also check the diamond setting ensuring that it is still secure. Your diamond engagement ring will come back from this service looking brand new.

Got any questions on how to clean your diamond engagement ring?

Contact our friendly staff at Congenial Diamonds. We are always happy to provide expert advice on how to keep your new diamond engagement ring sparkling as new.

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