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EU to chair Kimberley Process in 2018

In 2018 the chairmanship of the Kimberley Process passes to the European Union (EU). The EU takes over the leadership from Australia who chaired the organisation in 2017. 

The Italian politician Federica Mogherini was assigned to lead this operation. Ms Mogherini also represents the EU for foreign affairs and security policy. Ms Mogherini issued the following statement to the media: “For the European Union, the Kimberley Process is part of our work for sustainable development. It is part of our work for sustainable peace — to prevent new conflicts and cut the revenues of criminal and terrorist groups. It is part of our work for human rights, to make sure that diamonds produce wealth, not modern slavery.”

The chairmanship of the Kimberley Process changes yearly. And this will the second time for the EU to chair the operation. The previous time was in 2007.

What is the Kimberley Process?

The Kimberley Process is an international partnership setup in 2000. Its collective goal is to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds are “rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments”. The term “rough diamonds” simply refers to diamonds that are uncut and unpolished.

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Very importantly, the Kimberley Process is underpinned by the United Nations mandate to eliminate the use of rough diamonds to financed armed conflict.

The Kimberley Process boasts a strong membership of 81 countries around the world. The partnership includes multiple governments and civil organisations, such as the Partnership Africa Canada. The World Diamond Council , who represents the diamond industry, is one of the key members. Altogether, the members are responsible for stemming 99.8% of the global production of conflict diamonds. As part of the process, the members adhere to internal controls over imports and exports of all rough diamonds. The participating members may only trade in rough diamonds with other participating members.

Conflict free diamonds

At Congenial Diamonds we are extremely proud to be compliant with the Kimberley Process and the United Nations resolution. We source all diamonds used in our jewellery through legitimate sources that align to the controls of the Kimberley Process. Therefore all the products on offer are set with conflict free diamonds. 

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