Lady Gaga celebrity diamond engagement ring

Valentine’s Day celebrity romance

At Congenial Diamonds, we love celebrity diamond engagement rings and celebrity romance. And on Valentine’s Day we were certainly not disappointed.

Lady Gaga engagement announcement on Twitter

Lady Gaga’s engagement announcement actually came a couple of days post Valentine’s Day. Using the social networking site Instagram, the star shared the news of her engagement to actor Taylor Kinney, her boyfriend of four years. The message read that Taylor proposed to her on Valentine’s Day.

The choice of this diamond engagement ring is totally a romantic one. Taylor opted for a heart shaped diamond. It is the diamond cut crafted after the universal symbol of love.

The setting that brings the best out of this fancy shape diamond is the simplest of them all. It is the popular claw set diamond setting. Heart shaped diamonds are usually set in their mount with 3 claws. Two of these are located on the top part of the heart shape diamond, at either side. The third claw protects the point of the heart shaped diamond. Due to the sheer size of the rock in this celebrity diamond engagement ring, the setting has another two claws to keep the diamond surely in its place.

From a design perspective, it is clear that the mount of the heart shaped diamond has been very carefully thought about. Despite the large size of the diamond, the “legs” of the claws that hold the diamond securely in place come to a small circle just underneath the point (culet) of the diamond. This design will enable a straight wedding ring to fit perfectly next to the engagement ring.

As celebrity diamond engagement rings go, this one certainly scores high in terms of diamond carat. Our guess is that the heart shaped diamond in this engagement ring is around 10 carat. It is a rock! Although the size of the heart shape diamond would be more than sufficient sparkle for many brides-to-be, this diamond engagement ring takes sparkle to another level. The band, which is most likely made in platinum, as well as the mount of the heart shaped diamond, are completely studded with small diamonds in micro pavé setting. This finish leaves very little metal visible and contributes to the overall sparkle of the ring.

Taylor didn’t simply pick an engagement ring with a rock. He put his personal touch to it. His initial and that of Lady Gaga’s birth name are on the band: T♡S. Lady Gaga confessed on Instagram that this particular touch is her favourite part of the ring. It is these little details that make an engagement proposal so special and forever memorable.

Lady Gaga and her boyfriends initials studded with diamonds on the band

Congratulations to the celebrity couple on their engagement. We just can’t wait to hear the details of their nuptials.

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Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch wedded his pregnant fiancée Sophie Hunter on Valentine’s Day. The wedding was traditionally announced in the London Times late last year. It was an intimate reception held on the Isle of Wight. Despite not winning the Oscar for Best Actor last weekend, Benedict is reported to be enjoying the newly wedded bliss.

Cumberbatch’s engagement to Hunter’s was made public last November at the premiere of The Imitation Game in New York. It is here that Hunter’s diamond engagement ring made its debut.

When it comes to celebrity diamond engagement rings, Cumberbatch’s choice is more mainstream than Taylor’s. It is based on the vintage diamond halo engagement ring design. This style is currently very popular with brides-to-be. The diamond halo boosts the look of the main stone without overpowering it.

Hunter’s ring appears to be set with a large cushion cut diamond and pavé set diamonds on the band. It is a timeless engagement ring that radiates elegance.

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