Palladium wedding rings for men

Palladium wedding rings for men remain popular

If you are in the market to purchase a man’s wedding ring, then you have surely come across palladium wedding rings. Within the jewellery industry, alladium is known as the “newest precious metal”. It officially emerged in the UK jewellery market in 2010. Within a few years it acquired a big share of the wedding ring market for men.

The appeal of palladium wedding rings for men

Simply put, it is affordability.

In the last couple of years, the price of gold has increased tremendously. This is because during periods of economic instability, financial investors turn to gold as a safe investment. In turn, this pushes the price of gold higher. This surge in price has meant that gold priced itself out of the budget of many wedding couples.

Also, many brides opt for platinum wedding and engagement rings. This leaves men with a tighter budget for their wedding ring. In comparison with gold and platinum, palladium has a lower price point.

The combination of these factors enabled palladium to gain popularity over both these metals in the market of men’s wedding rings. The lower price per gram also allows a wider ring profile, which most men prefer.

The simple facts about palladium

  • Silver-grey in colour, resembling platinum. Compared to white gold, it has the advantage that it does not require rhodium plating.
  • The palladium used widely for jewellery is 950, as denoted by its official hallmark. This means that it has a composition of 95% pure palladium and 5% other metals
  • It is the least dense and the lightest of the precious metals. Since around 90% to 95% of the cost of a man’s wedding ring is in the weight of the ring, this characteristic gives palladium an additional advantage in terms of price when compared to platinum and gold rings.
  • Commonly used to make white gold alloys.

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