platinum wedding rings

Top reasons for choosing Platinum Wedding Rings

1. Exclusivity of platinum wedding rings

Simply put, platinum is a very rare metal. 


white gold, rhodium plating

The production of a single ounce of platinum requires roughly around 7 to 12 tonnes of solid material to be processed. The metal is thus extremely exclusive due to its rarity. And it is it’s virtue of rarity that also makes it an expensive metal. For these reasons, owning and wearing platinum wedding bands doesn’t only mean flaunting exclusive fashion sense but also wealth.

2. Naturally white in colour

The use of white metal in wedding jewellery is extremely popular. The majority of wedding rings sold in UK are in white metal, in comparison with yellow or rose gold.

In its pure form, platinum is white in colour and exhibits a natural white luster. Compared to white gold wedding rings, platinum does not require rhodium plating.

The advantages of white metal for jewellery

Due to its white colour, platinum is ideal for diamond wedding rings as it adds to the brilliance of diamonds.

The whiteness of the metal complements the natural beauty of coloured gemstones, such as the deep blue of the sapphire, the pigeon blood red of the ruby or the vivid green of the emerald.

The neutrality of the white colour looks fabulous against any skin tone.

3. Metal strength

Platinum is about 1.7 times as dense as pure 24ct gold. The increased metal density makes it more resistance to normal wear and tear compared to any other precious metal. Platinum is thus an excellent choice when it comes to crafting a wedding band, as well as for diamond setting. Bands with platinum claws or prongs will hold precious gemstones more securely in place than, say, gold.

The higher density of platinum wedding rings makes such bands less prone to scratches from normal everyday wear.

4. Weight of platinum rings

In wearable terms, the density of platinum translates to weight. Platinum is in fact heavier than 18ct gold by an average ratio of 1 : 1.5. Platinum wedding bands have a solid and heavy feel to them. This is one of the factors which adds to the appeal of platinum choice, in particular when it comes to platinum rings for men.

5. Hypoallergenic wedding bands made in platinum

Our platinum rings for men as well as our platinum diamond wedding bands are 95% pure platinum, as per the hallmark on the inside of the band. The remaining 5% of the metal is made of other white metals. This combination makes platinum jewellery hypoallergenic. This means that platinum wedding rings will not react with skin to give an allergic reaction. This makes them an ideal choice for sensitive skin.

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