diamond earrings for women

Most popular diamond earrings

Looking for the perfect gift to dazzle your loved one? Feeling inspired by a stunning pair of earrings? Take a look at the most popular diamond earrings that are currently trending.

A gift to treasure for a lifetime

Are you searching for a gift to treat that special person in your life? What could be more fabulous than an item of jewellery that can be worn and treasured for a lifetime? Second only to engagement rings, diamond earrings are the most purchased gifts when it comes to items of jewellery.

Diamond earrings make the perfect gift for a number of reasons. Unlike engagement rings and eternity rings, diamond earrings can be given to a friend, a daughter, a mother, or a sister. They are also a very versatile wearable item. As such they make the ultimate finishing touch both for daytime, as well as evening wear.

Key things to look out for

Matching diamonds

The diamonds in the earrings need to be matching. The carat, colour and the cut all impact the visual look of a diamond. In a pair of earrings, these main characteristics need to be the same for each diamond.

Certified diamonds

For your peace of mind, opt for certified diamond earrings. The certificate must originate from an independent gemmological laboratory, such as GIA. The certificate is your assurance that the quality of the diamonds is as stated by the seller.

Secure locks

Ever lost an earring? Then you know that there is nothing more frustrating than being left with an item that you cannot wear. High value earrings can come with secure locks. These locks click into place when worn. It takes two hands to put them on and take them off. It is therefore impossible for an earring to inadvertently fall from the ear while wearing.

Popular diamond earrings

Diamond studs with claws

Simply classic and versatile. This style is suitable for all shapes of diamonds.

Princess stud earrings

Also a timeless design. Easy to wear everyday.

Emerald diamond earrings

Truly elegant. The perfect finishing touch to an outfit.

Rubover stud earrings

The rubover setting is also known as bezel. This style is ideal to wear everyday. It is suits all the diamond shapes.

Diamond halo stud earrings

Round diamond earrings with a difference. The halo of diamond enlarges the look of the inner diamonds. As such they make the perfect gift for ladies who love to sparkle.

Loop diamond earrings

Stunningly different. Made in such a way that the line of diamonds comes down to the bottom of the ear and curls elegantly round.

Pear shape studs

Ultra feminine shape oozing finesse, as well as sparkle.

Heart shape earrings

A gift for the romantic at heart.

Ready to pick your favourite pair of diamond earrings?

Head over to the diamond earrings section on our website. We have a range of exquisite diamond stud earrings, as well as drop diamond earrings. Our collection comes in 18ct white or yellow gold and in platinum. We are proud to offer earrings set with a variety of fancy shape diamonds. It only takes a few clicks to customise your favourite style. The diamond carat, colour and clarity, as well as the metal, can be fully modified to suit individual preferences. 

We personally hand pick the diamonds for all our jewellery. When it comes to earrings we make sure that we select a matching pair. For your reassurance, each diamond comes independently certified. The certificate is proof of the diamond quality as well as the matching characteristics.

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