A diamond will never wear out, will never lose its colour, will never lose its shine

What else in life is forever?

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Engagement Rings with Side Stones

Diamond rings with side stones are commonly known as diamond shoulder engagement rings. This stunning style of engagement rings is simply a more sparkling version of the classic solitaire ring. This particular design features a central, prominent diamond and a line of smaller diamonds along the shoulders of the ring. Very often these small sparklers run half way down along the side of the band. Albeit small, these diamonds give a boost to the main diamond. Ultimately they add a lot of sparkle to the overall look of your engagement ring.

If you’re seeking a diamond engagement ring with lots of bling, the diamond shoulder engagement ring is exactly what you’re after. Our stylish collection comes with an array of spectacular diamonds. Among the most popular, we offer the classic round brilliant diamond and princess cut. Moreover, our collection includes styles with the oval cut, marquise shape, pear shape as well as emerald cut diamonds.

Platinum and Gold Engagement Rings with side stones

We manufacture our diamond shoulder engagement rings in platinum and in 18ct white gold. Tailor the carat, colour and clarity of the centre diamond to your preferences through the drop-down lists provided with each product. Choosing a custom-made engagement ring with side stones has therefore never been easier!