Dare to be different

Looking for an unusual yet stunning diamond engagement ring? With its elegant shape, the marquise engagement ring offers uniqueness and beauty in equal measures

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Marquise Engagement Rings

Looking for a different yet stunning diamond engagement ring? Marquise diamond rings are ideal for those desiring an engagement ring that is slightly different than the mainstream choice.

The marquise cut diamond works extremely well in a solitaire ring. Due to its elongated shape, this diamond is commonly set along the finger. Its striking shape, with delicate pointed edges, gives it an exceptionally feminine look. The marquise cut may not be as popular as the round brilliant diamond. Nevertheless, it is equally dazzling.

We are proud to offer a variety of engagement ring styles featuring the marquise cut diamond. These include 2 claw and also 4 claw settings, as well as settings that sweep up gracefully to the diamond setting. Find your inspiration while browsing our stylish collection.

Putting your personal touch to your marquise cut ring

Customising our ring designs through the drop drop-down is extremely easy. This customisation provides you with the flexibility to choose the diamond specifications, as well as the precious metal of the band. Our collection of marquise engagement rings is available in gold and platinum. The price automatically updates with every customisation step.

If you like the look of the marquise cut engagement ring but are concerned that this choice would mean that in the future you may need to wear a shaped wedding ring, you do not need worry. All the marquise engagement rings within our collection are designed to sit flush with a straight wedding ring.