Spectacular three stone rings

Three sparkling diamonds; symbolising the PAST, the PRESENT and your FUTURE together.

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Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings are the perfect engagement ring choice. Browse through our extensive selection of lavish diamond trilogy rings. Find the dream ring you’ve been looking for and the perfect proposal gift.

Three Stone Engagement Rings in Platinum and White or Yellow Gold

Our dazzling collection of three stone rings feature different diamond shapes. The diamond settings include traditional and contemporary styles, appealing to different tastes.

Choosing your engagement ring couldn’t be simpler. Start off by picking your favourite design. Be it the classic round brilliant cut or the vintage look with the oval shape diamonds. Then proceed with selecting the combined carat, colour and clarity of the diamonds. As a final step, choose the precious metal of your three diamond engagement ring.

Antique trilogy rings

The popularity of three stone rings dates back to many years ago. Traditionally, these rings featured a semi precious coloured gemstone and two diamonds. The centre gemstone would be typically a blue sapphire, an emerald or a ruby.