Engagement proposal

Surprise engagement proposal

An engagement proposal is one of the most exciting and romantic time in the life of couple. In the majority of cases, a diamond engagement ring is the symbol that marks this memorable occasion.

For some couples, the proposal as well as the engagement ring may come as a total surprise. While for others the choice of the diamond ring is a joyful moment planned and executed together. As with most things in the wedding world, there is no rule. It is a personal choice. At this stage in your relationship, you should know your loved one well enough to choose the best engagement proposal method that works for you.

Planning a surprise engagement proposal and diamond ring

If your partner is an incurable romantic, a surprise proposal and engagement ring is the perfect way to propose. It is the knowledge of the effort and attention that has gone into choosing the engagement ring that makes the surprise proposal so special for those who are romantic at heart.

Picking the engagement ring that you will propose with, knowing that she will wear it everyday of her life, may be daunting. However there is plenty you can do to help you make the perfect ring choice. 

Tip 1: Pick the right engagement ring style

As you embark on the very important search, it is important that you get a good idea of the style of ring that she likes. Whether it is the classic round diamond solitaire, the timeless three stone engagement ring or something more unusual featuring a fancy shape diamond.

diamond colour, 6 claw setting for a diamond solitaire
Round diamond solitaire
three stone ring with centre round diamond and two pear shape diamonds
Three stone engagement ring
Fancy diamond shape rings
Fancy shape diamond rings

Her closest friend could potentially prove to be a valuable source of information on her favourite ring style.

Tip 2: Choosing the right precious metal

Yellow gold engagement ring

Diamond engagement rings come in white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

The jewellery that she typically wears can give you an indication on the metal to choose. White metals, such as white gold and platinum are extremely popular in the UK market. However yellow gold has a more traditional and warmer look.

Tip 3: Find out about the diamond 4Cs

Typically the diamond accounts for the biggest part of the cost of an engagement ring. For this reasons it is worthwhile to equip yourself with some basic information on diamonds. More specifically about the carat, colour, clarity and cut of diamonds. These 4 main characteristics are referred to as the diamond 4Cs.

Tip 4: Getting the finger size right

Getting the ring size right is tricky when choosing an engagement ring for a surprise proposal. We recommend that at the time of purchase, you select an average size.  You may want to reach an understanding with the jeweller that resizing may be required after the purchase.

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