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The allure of the three stone engagement ring

As its name suggests, the three stone engagement ring is a ring holding three distinct diamonds. The diamonds are set in a row across the finger. For this reason, this style of ring is also called a trilogy of diamonds. The particular style of engagement ring is extremely popular. Its popularity is second only to the solitaire diamond engagement ring.

What makes the three stone engagement ring so alluring to so many couples?

Sentimental significance

Besides its sheer beauty, the three diamond engagement ring is a popular choice due to its romantic significance. The three diamonds in the ring have a particular symbolic meaning. They tell a love story with sparkle and promise of a wonderful future together. The three diamonds symbolise the couple’s past, present and future. It is thus the perfect choice to represent the love and commitment of a couple toward one another.

Versatile style

One of the attractions of the three stone engagement rings is its versatility. This style accommodates different combinations of diamond sizes and shapes.

The trilogy of round diamonds is the most favoured by far. Other popular styles include the trilogy of oval cut diamonds, the trilogy of princess cut diamonds and trilogy of emerald cut diamonds.

The most traditional setting features a larger centre diamond in between two smaller size diamonds. This particular combination of diamonds is commonly known as graduated diamonds. However, it is fairly common for the three diamonds to be equal in size.

Besides different size diamonds, the three stone engagement can incorporate combinations of different diamond shapes. Popular combinations include a central oval diamond with pear shape side diamonds or round diamonds. More unusual combinations include the marquise cut diamond in the centre position or baguette diamonds as side diamonds. 

At Congenial Diamonds, we are proud to offer a wide range of three stone engagement rings with different combinations of diamond sizes, as well as diamond shapes.

For three stone engagement rings with combinations of different diamond shapes, the two side diamonds must be perfect match. At Congenial Diamonds, we personally hand pick the diamonds for all our jewellery. In doing so, we make sure that the side diamonds do not only match in carat, but also in colour and clarity.  For your piece of mind, the diamonds come independently certified.

More diamond for your money

When compared to a solitaire engagement ring, the three stone engagement ring provides more diamond look for the same carat. This is because the carat of a diamond and its diameter are not linearly proportional to each other. In other words, an increase in diamond carat translates in an increased height of the diamond, as well as in its diameter. Thus the top view of a 1.00ct diamond is not equivalent to twice the diameter of a 0.50ct diamond. It is indeed smaller. Therefore a three stone engagement ring with a combined carat of 0.60ct across three equal size diamonds has more diamond look than a single 0.60ct diamond. 

As well as more diamond look and larger diamond coverage of the finger, the three stone engagement ring has more diamond carat for the money spent in comparison to a solitaire engagement ring. This is because three single diamonds totalling a combined carat of 0.60 cost less than a single 0.60ct diamond of the same diamond colour and clarity. 

So the three diamond engagement ring is a clear winner on both counts!

Not only an engagement ring

Although typically chosen to mark a couple’s engagement to marriage, this style of ring can be chosen for any occasion. One example could be for a special wedding anniversary. In such cases, the ring is typically worn on the fourth finger of the right hand.  

Because the style of the three stone ring is so versatile, it can be worn as a dress ring or a fashion ring. We often come across clients that choose to incorporate coloured gemstones with diamonds. The most popular gemstones used in three stone rings are blue sapphires, rubies, emerald and more recently the topaz. More often than not, there is a sentimental meaning associated with the chosen gemstone. For instance, it could be a birthstone or a favourite stone for luck.

Ready to purchase your three stone engagement ring?

Head over to the three stone rings section on our website. We offer a wide selection of stunning designs set with an array of diamond shapes. Each design is available in 18ct white or yellow gold and in platinum. The diamond carat, colour and clarity, as well as the metal, can be fully customised with a few clicks.  

Need further advice on three stone engagement rings? Call us on 0845 548 9858 for free advice from our expert staff.

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