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Six things to look out for when buying a diamond engagement ring online 

Traditionally buying a diamond engagement ring involves a trip round your local High Street jewellers. The purpose: Search for the perfect engagement ring that also fits within the budget. Not a trivial task! Not to mention dealing with pressure from persistent sales staff.

With the increasing trend in online shopping, buying luxury items such as a diamond engagement ring online is now becoming more of the norm. A simple search on the internet for “diamond engagement rings” results in pages and pages of online diamond jewellers. The choice in rings is plenty. The flexibility of choosing and purchasing a diamond engagement ring from the comfort of your own home or office is very appealing. Furthermore, online prices are very competitive compared to high street jewellers.

Spending a substantial amount of money on a diamond engagement ring you haven’t physically seen can, of course, be of some concern. However there are a number of things to look out for that will give you the peace of mind to go ahead with buying a diamond engagement ring online.

Tip 1: Customer services contact information

This is a must. Before looking at any of their products, locate their contact information. The phone number and/or an email address should be very easy to find on a professional website. Like with any jewellery shop on the High Street, you want to be able to reach this company for any expert advice on your purchase, as well as for any assistance with ordering and delivery of your chosen engagement ring.

A page with FAQ is a good source of information on the company and their policies. This can be referred to during closed hours. However it is not a substitute for a phone number and email address.

Tip 2: Certified diamond engagement rings

Certified diamonds - GIA

Diamonds are graded on a number of characteristics. These include carat, colour, clarity and cut. These characteristics are commonly known as the diamond 4Cs. Qualified diamond graders analyse the characteristics of a diamond using internationally recognised scales. The report summarising such an analysis is known as a Diamond Grading Certificate.

Whether you’re shopping for your diamond engagement ring online or in a shop, it is wise to request for a diamond grading certificate. It is equally important that this certificate is issued by internationally renowned gemological laboratories, such as GIA or IGI or HRD. This is your guarantee that the quality of the diamond in the ring is as stated by the company selling you the ring.

Tip 3: Secure online payment process

At the checkout stage, prior to providing your card payment details to finalise your order, it is important to check that the URL in the browser bar reads “”. The “s”in “https” is a confirmation that your identity and payment information are being transmitted securely.

A green lock symbol should be displayed next to the URL. By clicking the green lock, you will be able to confirm that the connection used is secure. The green lock will also have information on the verification of the website, as well as the security measures that the website has in place for the processing of your payment.

Any reputable company will take online security very seriously and will ensure an encrypted connection for processing your payment online.

secure online shopping

Tip 4: Check out online reviews

Reviews of online shopping experiences and customer feedback are the best reflection of a company’s service and products. Be sure to check out customer testimonials on the site, as well as on the web for unbiased reviews.

Tip 5: Insured delivery

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a significant investment. Having found the perfect ring, you want to ensure that the ring is insured during the delivery and that a signature is required upon receipt.

Tip 6: Return policy

The last item on the check list is to find out the details of the Return Policy. Read carefully any terms associated with any returns. Take note of time period during which the item can be returned. This will be limited to 7, 14 or 30 days depending on the company. This information will come in useful in the unlikely case that you’re not satisfied with the ring you have received.

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