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Wedding tip: Wearing your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony

One of the questions we are often asked by brides-to-be is: Where do I wear my engagement ring during the wedding ceremony?

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And we understand why. You have been admiring your engagement ring since the day you were proposed to. Your special day is approaching and you’re wondering where to wear your beautiful engagement ring while making room for your new wedding band

For this reason, we are sharing a number of options for you to consider.

A hassle-free approach

The most simple approach is to keep your engagement ring on the wedding finger during the ceremony. In this case, your husband-to-be would place the wedding ring on the same finger in front of the engagement ring. Once the ceremony is over, it only takes a moment to simply rotate the two rings.

This approach is very commonly chosen approach.

The traditional approach

If however you are more of a traditional type, you may want to keep your wedding ring free to receive your wedding ring.

One option to do this is to wear your engagement ring on the right hand on the morning of your wedding day. This way you also ensure that your engagement ring is featured in your pre-ceremony photos. Once your wedding ring is in place, you can slip your engagement ring back on the wedding finger next to your new wedding ring. 

This is also a popular choice by many brides-to-be.

Some brides opt to take off the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony so that the wedding ring can go on first. The engagement ring is immediately placed back on top of the wedding ring . If you’re not worried about nerves, this option is a nice way of including both rings in the ceremony.

Following the traditions of your culture

In some cultures, e.g. Italian, the bride doesn’t wear the engagement ring during the ceremony because the idea is to have the wedding ring as the protagonist ring of the ceremony.

It is of the case that many brides-to-be ask their mother or the chief bridesmaid to look after the engagement ring until the end of the ceremony. This is a lovely way of assigning the mother of the bride with a very important task on such a very special day.

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Everyone is different. So choose the option that works for you on your special day. 

If you need further advice, feel free to contact one of our team on 0845 548 9858.

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