wedding rings for men

Guide to wedding rings for men

Grooms need wedding rings too. Let’s not forget that. With all the attention that usually goes with choosing the wedding ring for the bride-to-be, the groom’s ring often gets little attention. In reality the groom will be wearing his ring for just as long as the bride. For this reason choosing the right wedding ring for the groom is equally important.

Prior to getting married, the majority of men would have never worn a ring. As a result, the task of choosing a wedding ring may seem a little overwhelming. So to make things a little easier for all grooms-to-be, we have put together a handful tips on how to choose wedding rings for men. 

Step 1: Picking the precious metal

white and yellow wedding rings for men
Yellow gold and palladium wedding rings

One of the first decisions to make is to pick the metal of the ring. The most common metals for wedding rings for men rings are platinum, white gold, yellow gold and palladium. All of these metals vary in appearance, strength, weight and price. When it comes to price per gram, platinum and palladium sit at opposite ends of the scale.

Step 2: Choosing the perfect ring width

Wedding rings for men come in various ring widths. They typically start from about 3 mm and can go as up to a very wide 9 mm. The most commonly chosen width varies between 4 and 5 mm.

The ideal ring width is individual. It depends on the size of  hands, as well as what feels comfortable. As a general rule, bigger guys suit slightly wider rings. We recommend trying on a few different widths on. It’s the best way to decide the right width for you. 

Step 3: Traditional or contemporary?

The most common wedding rings for men are simple, one-colour plain bands. These rings always look great due to their simplicity. And because of this they will never go out of fashion.

If you’d rather wear a ring that is slightly less conventional but still very traditional, then two-tone wedding rings may be what you’re looking for.

Dare to be different? There are plenty of striking patterned rings that might suit your style better.

And diamonds aren’t just for the ladies. It’s becoming increasingly common for men to add a subtle of diamond sparkle to their wedding ring.

Ready to buy your wedding ring?

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